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Biddn serves all kind of information that help you to get updated with current topics, trends and news available on the net.
We all do event blogging (Most of us :P ) but we still fail to capture everything from it. 

Here's something more that you can do and that can help you earn more.
events blogging
Have you ever tried Email list building with your event blogs ? Well this is what I am focusing here in this post.  Email lists are always a gem and when the lists are super targeted you can get really good benefits out of it.

So, how do I put up this post :P (confused :P )

Let me list some events, just for examples
  • Valentine's Day
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Sports
  • Shopping Sale events (flipkart sale, amazon sale, etc)
  • Results (Works like charm)
  • US Events

Do you sense something ??
Most of these events are having affiliate income potential rather than adsense.
What actually you have to do ??
I have not tried it yet (but kinda yes and my friend tried)

There are different types of event bloggers:
  1. Those who rank on the event day $$
  2. Those who rank just before the event day (though they themselves get some traffic before the event.
  3. Those who rank throughout.
Now we all know that the traffic for most of the events start flowing much before the event starts. That traffic mostly goes waste as we don't monetize it well.

What you can do is, setup some email collection forms (opt-ins). Make some really attractive optin forms and use it throughout the site as you do for your long term blogs.

Believe me you can easily make lists of up to 5000 emails from one single event.

Example 1:
If you are working on Valentine's day !! 
You can setup up an opt-ins like: 
  1. Get Unique gift Ideas for your Valentine ?
  2. Cutest gifts for your valentine ?
  3. Enter your name, her name and get the best gift that you can buy.

I am not listing many !! the more you get into it, the more you will get.

Valentines event gets traffic for 7 long days and if even from 50000 views, 5% people opt-in, you will be having a list of 2500 emails.

Example 2:

Result niche !!

People search for results like anything !! And if you put some optin forms like:
  1. Get your result on mail (take roll number, name and email from user)
  2. Best colleges you can go (take student's marks, name, email)
Etc etc. I guess I don't need to explain examples now.

This way you can set up such CTA (call to action) and people DO PUT THEIR EMAIL IDs. 

Psychology ! yeaah.. There are many events which are directly associated to individuals and have a great impact on them. Target such event and you can see the rates. 

TECH updates sites get less email opt-in rates as compared to LOVE Relationship sites.
Human mind is !!

Its all upto the type of events you select. I recommend you to try collecting mails in most of the events. 

Now you must be thinking !! NOW WHAT ?? if you have never tried email marketing then this question is pretty much obvious. 

Email works out to be best. These emails will be super targeted and you can try various campaigns. 

Like for valentines days list, you can send a well designed email with some of the best Amazon (or any other) valentine gift links. 

For results, you can send various offer links. Many CPA networks have signup offers where they pay you $ for per lead. You can even sell the leads locally (this is something hell big)

For blackfriday or such events. You can send various offers from time to time as the email list is of people who are most probably looking to buy. Its a BUYERS list. 

And the best of all, these lists have NO EXPIRY. BUILD more and more. Use them every year and try to generate more and more.

PS: I will put up a detailed guide on iftiSEO soon. Should I ?? 

btw I hope the concept is clear. :D 

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Biddn serves all kind of information that help you to get updated with current topics, trends and news available on the net.
how to increase viewers on Reddit

Here is the reddit trick that I have been using from past few days and believe me it's working great. I get around 500-2000 views by even just submitting my link to a small subreddit.

Here is what you need:
  1. Chrome Browser
  2. Mozilla
  3. Tor Browser (Google for link)
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. IP Changer (optional but helps the most)

Before starting clear all your browsers cache
  1. Open up and get a temporary email id
  2. Now open in chrome browser and signup for a new reddit account. Use a western name and avoid using site names or keywords. In the email id field enter the email you got from the above site.
  3. Click Signup button and refresh , you will find a mail in the inbox, open that mail and open the confirmation email you got in it.
  4. One account is completely made.
  5. Now do the same with different browsers, if possible use ip changers.
  6. Use tor browser to make more ids.
  7. Just make a total of 10-15 accounts or even 5-8 would do. This making of accounts is a one time job and will take 20-35 minutes depending on your speed and the number of account you make.
Now let's say we have 8 accounts.

Select a post of your blog that you feel is good and is trendy and can attract audience following the post niche.

Once selected open up with any one of the id logged in and check for the best subreddit. To find that, just search for the category on reddit and you will find search results with some categories, open the categories and select a category that got the highest number of online members.

15000 active members is recommended if you want minimum 1000 views in 1 hour.

Once selected, just submit your post on reddit and make sure that in post title you add words like {*hot*}, {-Watch-}, {LIVE}, {90% off}, {*FREE*}. This will increase the ctr upto 40%.

Simply submit the post.

Now comes the part where you have to be fast. Run ip changer now and open up 2 browsers (may it be tor or mozilla ),


Log in ID number 2 on one browser and ID number 3 on other browser.

Search for the subreddit that you posted your article on and open it. Now just upvote the articles that comes on the post. Upvote top 3 articles.

After upvoting any 3 or top 3 articles that comes up in that subreddit link, click on sort. Sort it as NEW articles, you will find your article that you posted from ID number 1. Simply open the post link and then upvote it.

TO make things safe, do add a relevant comment.


Now just follow the {UPVOTE} part with 4th and 5th id. Make sure you do 5-6 upvotes in 10 minutes. That's it, you will start getting traffic. Do more upvotes after 20 minutes with the remaining ids if needed.

After 30 minutes of post submission, just upvote all the comments from first id, that you made on the post with other ids. This will improve karma.

This way it works. Just try once and let me know. and if you have problems comment below.

Some Tips:
  1. Post after 1 AM indian time. (VERY IMPORTANT PART)
  2. Do use special characters in titles
  3. Choose subreddits wisely
  4. Post only once with one id. The second post have to be made after 2 days.
  5. Apply the trick on alternative days
  6. Make sure the profile name does not contain keyword, sitename or any indian type name.
  7. Avoid posting too much.
PS: I didn't use any IP changer and it still worked. But I recommend you to use one. Go to and search "IP" and you will find various softwares, use any one of them.
Biddn serves all kind of information that help you to get updated with current topics, trends and news available on the net.
Hi guys, in this article I will be explaining how to make up to 400$ a day with only 5 minutes of work! YES ONLY 5 MINUTES! I could not dare to write this article until and unless this success is continuous, but after confirming my success on 10th day, I am going to write it this article. Yes, this is the 10th day and I am making same amount consistently i.e. $300/day at an average.

First of all, it’s a spamming method. If you are afraid of spamming then do not read further, you will waste your time. But, if you can dare to take risk, then money is not away from you. A while ago a friend gave me this list which contained about 100k email addresses and I thought I could have some fun with them and try some stuff.

First of all, I was in the great need of extracting emails from those text files. I mean, those text files contain all information like Name, IP address, Postal  address, Zip etc. etc. which is totally useless for this work.

Here’s the direct download link:
Extract the emails here:

Original file vs extracted (all you have to do is copy/paste it in a .txt)

I did not know what niche these emails were related to so I went for a general product which everyone uses/needs. I tried several products but there was only 1 who actually stood out apart from the rest.

Everyone who has an email also has a computer, so I had a computer related product. I found some articles on how to speed up your computer and made an article out of it! It consisted out of 18 pages so I can conclude my product was ready.

I registered a new domain name with and made a new account on Yes, you should make a new account on even when you have an account already, because you are going to send spam mails and HostGator can ban your account. So, if you make a new account then your other websites and online business will not suffer in case your account is banned. There are a lot of coupon codes available using which you can get a new HostGator account at $0.01/month for first month. If you talk to hostgator live chat then they can tell you which coupon code to use. You must be thinking why only HostGator and not any other host. You can choose any host of your choice, but I found that HostGator is giving a facility to send 500 emails/hour with your hosting a/c using their SMTP. Means you can send 500 X 24 = 12000 emails daily using your HostGator account. I did not find any other host providing such facility, if you know another one, then you can go for that.

Note: If you want to send more emails then you can use VPS on HG to send unlimited emails.

I made a one page website, but it was quite appealing. I also made a title cover for the article and it was very attractive. Your graphics play a big role in your sales. Because the visitors judge the quality of your product from the appearance of your website and product images.

Thereafter I made an account on and uploaded my article on it.

So, now Daily, I spend only 5 minutes to setup a campaign and every evening, I have $400 in my PayPal. Here is the template of the email I send to the visitors. In this way, it does not look like a spam mail.

You can make any page on your website to show the visitor when they click on ‘unsubscribe’ etc. things. Just write on that page, “You have successfully unsubscribed from the list, thanks” It is only a fake info.

As I told you already that I talked to HostGator and they confirmed that I can send 500 emails/hour with their SMTP a/c using my hosting a/c. So, there is a need to make some settings in Atomic Mail Sender so that we keep ourselves under radar and server does not reject sending emails.

As you can see that I have setup a limit of sending 400 emails/hour, so it will never cross the limit of 500 emails/hour. 

To enter your HG SMTP settings, go to SMTP settings as shown below...

I did not mention SMTP server because it depends upon your primary website (if you are using HostGator) so, login into your account and see your SMTP settings there. After entering settings for SMTP you are ready to send emails.  
NOW! How I spend 5 minutes daily to make $400.  

  1. Selecting a new file from emails text files  
  2. Uploading file and getting all email ids extracted.  
  3. Importing the list of only emails into Automatic Mail Sender.  
  4. Writing my email.  
  5. Pressing a single button ‘Send’  
  6. That’s it! My $400 are ready and available 
After starting the campaign I go for my offline job and when I come back to home I’m at an average of 400$ a day.  Here is my PayPal account:

Few things you must note:  
  1. I have found that this community is very rich. Because after sending 2500 emails a day, I am getting near about 20 sales daily means about 0.90% conversion rate is there even if they are not targeted. What does that mean? They do not think much about spending $10-$15. So, if you have something that you think is valuable, you can sell easily.
  2. Do not think that you can not use the lists again because I have already used them. There are 96K emails in it. Only a handful of people have considered my offer. They may be interested in other product like yours. Give it a try!
  3. Do not think, you will get instant sales on the same day after sending your first campaign. I got 0 sales on 1st day, 0 sales even on 2nd day, but I keep on sending on 3rd day using different set of email IDs Daily and I got 31 sales on 3rd day. There are few reasons, first, people search for the e-book free of cost rather than paying, when they do not find it free then again come to your website after one or two days and buy it. Second, few people do not read emails frequently and read after one or two days.
  4. Most importantly, Do not lose your patience at any cost. Your expense is only $0.01/month (if hostgator) and nothing else. Everything other is your hard work, so keep on trying with different files daily. If you do not get results from one text file, then choose next text file and so on…
  5. Choose a general product. For example, if you want to sell e-books then choose those e-books to sell in which every computer user is interested.
Ideas of some general niches
  1. How to speed up your computer (I have selected).  
  2. How to make friends online.  
  3. How to keep your data safe.  
  4. How to be safe from viruses and Trojans. (Sell antivirus software, use clickbank)  
  5. How to make your computer, a money making machine (really great niche and evergreen).  
  6. How to type fast (Typing course or software)  
  7. Registry cleaner
Biddn serves all kind of information that help you to get updated with current topics, trends and news available on the net.
Contact Us Form
Contact Us

This is a very common mistake made by beginners. What usually happens is that there is a created contact page with their email mentioned but no contact form. After some time, all that you will be getting in your mailbox will be spam emails.

Contact Us Form
Contact Us Form
Some time, all that you will be getting in your mailbox will be spam emails.

The solution is simple: add a simple contact form to your site. We recommend using Contact Form 7 and premium plugin Gravity Forms. We have also made sure, to provide you with the proper tutorial to install and setup both of the plugins. Click here for Contact Form 7 tutorial, and click here for Gravity Forms tutorial.

Bonus tip: Use P3(Plugin Performance Profiler) to see which plugins are slowing down your site. This plugin creates a performance report for your site. Rethink again how badly you need some plugins.