21 Must Fixes For WordPress To Optimize The Site Speed

This article outlines the most common WordPress mistakes and its top fixes, which have been carefully researched to make sure you can find the best quick and most important fixes on WordPress. The article also contains a lot of links to some amazing tutorials, which are not included in the article, but you can use as supplementary materials. But this article is as actionable as possible because of this, we don't just give away tips about what you are doing wrong - we explain how to fix them! This article aims to show you the most common WordPress mistakes, which a lot of people are not aware of or often overlook. This article will get your back covered and keep you in check whether you are using WordPress correctly or not.
  1. Testing Changes and Plugins on a Live Website
  2. Importance of Backing Up Your WordPress Website
  3. Everything Has to Be Up to Date
  4. Why You Absolutely Have to Use Caching: Make Your Website Lightning Fast
  5. Optimize Images Better than Photoshop!
  6. Minifying JS, CSS and HTML Code
  7. Make Your Website Load Faster Anywhere in the World
  8. Why Using a Premium WordPress Theme is a Must
  9. Make Your Permalinks User-Friendly and Readable for Search Engine
  10. Using Complicated Tags and Directories
  11. Not Optimizing Your Website for SEO
  12. Bad Internal Linking in Your Website
  13. Do Not Index Your Site at the Installation Process
  14. Unreliable Hosting Service is a Big Issue
  15. Not Using Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes
  16. Do I Really Need a Security Plugin?
  17. Missing Out on the Site Search
  18. Comments are Not Moderated
  19. Not Properly Using Google Analytics
  20. Not Changing the Default Username and Using Unsecure Password
  21. No Contact Form on the Website


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