There are a lot of known or unknown security threats to WordPress, so not having the security plugin installed could expose you to hacking threats. Also, not all users are technically qualified to take proper actions and implement proper security measures.

Wordpress Security
Wordpress Security

While searching about the importance of security for your WordPress website, we found a blogger that had an interesting story to tell..

Blogger had multiple blogs and some of them were hacked. As he said, he was so occupied with work that security was the last thing on his mind. He found out that this is the most important thing on a website or blog.

His blogs were showing a smurf flashing the middle finger. There was also a message, “Where is your security”? He was lucky this guy only wanted to show him how vulnerable his blogs are. Fortunately, he did not mess around with his files, as he found out his files were clean.

However, it could have gone terribly wrong, and the hacker could destroy all his hard work, all of his invested money, and all he passionately created. The use of security plugin is a must. You can read the whole story here. It also contains a few tips on how to further secure your website or blog.

That’s why we are advising you to install a WordPress security plugin, like iThemes Security Pro or Sucuri Security.

ithemes security
ithemes security
iThemes Security plugin is available as a free or premium plugin. Before installing, make sure to read the instructions because it makes changes in your database and some other files that can pose problems later on. Here is what it

Free version:

• Database Backups – schedules backups to email and any other location you choose
• File Change Detection – lets you know when changes have been made
• Hide Login Area – hides the login page from automated attacks and simplifies login
• Malware Scanning
• SSL – you choose which pages run SSL
• Strong Passwords – forces users to have strong passwords
• System Tweaks
• WordPress Tweaks

Pro version adds even more features:

• User Action Logging – track when users login, logout, or edit content
• 2-Factor Authentication – use Google Authenticator or Authy to send a custom code to your phone for logging in
• Malware Scanning – set up schedules for scanning
• Password Expiration – have users passwords expire based on time
• Dashboard Widget – manage tasks from the WordPress dashboard.
• Online File Comparison – it will scan changed files to determine if the change was malicious

The second option is the Sucuri Security plugin, which also has a free and premium versions.

Both the premium and free version offers almost the same functionality except that the premium version is faster. The free one is suitable for all common users. But if you want even more or need it for a wide range of websites that you host on one server, it would be a good idea to pick one of their plans that suits your needs.

The main features of the Sucuri Security plugin are:

• Security Activity Auditing
• File Integrity Monitoring
• Remote Malware Scanning
• Blacklist Monitoring
• Effective Security Hardening
• Post-Hack Security Actions
• Security Notifications
• Website Firewall (add on)

It is also a good idea that you move to a managed WordPress hosting when you start earning money with your online business. In my opinion, it’s wise to invest in a premium WordPress security plugin, as it can save you a lot of headaches.


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