When we are talking about WordPress site loading speed, you have to understand first that you absolutely need to have everything updated - from latest WordPress version to plugins.
Percentage breakdown of WordPress Issues
Percentage breakdown of WordPress Issues
Statistics have shown that 32% of WordPress websites are hacked due to a core vulnerability of WordPress. This is the reason why you should not ignore update notifications. They are placed there for a reason.

However, it's even more important to update plugins - almost 40% of websites are hacked due to the vulnerability of the installed plugins.Therefore, it is essential to update your plugins and theme regularly! Be sure to select everything to be updated from plugins to theme and press UPDATE NOW.

Note: make sure you have a backup done and ideally you do this on backup website before doing on live website.

You can see that step in the image below.

wordpress update

When it’s done, you will have to log in to your dashboard again. After that, you will see the welcome page of your newly updated WordPress.

welcome wordpress

This is very important to do, because it also ensures that your WordPress site is running as fast as it can.



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