Affiliate Niche Blog
Affiliate Niche Blog
Let’s start with Affiliate niche blog, I am going to cover everything within this single post that I learn, I am doing at this time. First, I want to start with the basic things.
  1. What is Affiliate niche blog? 
  2. Adsense VS Affiliate niche blog 
  3. How to start a Niche blog 
  4. Where to find the Niches 
  5. Live example of niche blogs 
  6. Specific niche blog business model 
  7. Physical Vs Digital Products 
  8. How to make passive income with Niche Blog 

Affiliate Niche Blog

Affiliate Niche Blog
I don’t want to tell the Bookish words. I’m writing this answer in my own style. Affiliate niche blog is something like that, You are selling other products and get commission.  To be a great Affiliate guy, you must have to know How to sell the products, Who are you target customers, How to solve their problem :)

There are a lot’s of Affiliate business model. But here we are going to learn about Affiliate niche blog model. And also there few kinds of Affiliate niche blog model. But as well, We are in SEO stuff, so we will do the Review blog business model. And I’m doing this. Because, you are solving the problems of your readers and making the value of the products. So, people will buy from your links. And there are different between Digital VS Physical Affiliate niche. I will talk about this part too.

So, the Main thing is: Selling products and getting money.

Adsense VS Affiliate Niche Blog

Google Adsense versus Affiliate Marketing

Adsense VS Affiliate Niche Blog

Please don’t take me wrong. People still now making huge amount of money with Adsense. And it’s a great thing. But I’m just sharing my points Adsense VS Affiliate. In Adsense, People have to write the contents mostly about Information, Guideline, Tutorial. And then rank with targeted keywords. Drive traffic and then show Ads in his/her blog. And People do click in the Ads and blog owners are making money.

In Affiliate niche blog, same. But you are mostly write the reviews of the products. And just add the value. And same about Rank keywords, Drive traffic. But you are not going to show any ads in your Affiliate blog. And people don’t need to click in your ads. People  will read your Reviews and if you add value there, people will buy the products.

But still now, There are something Digital Vs Physical Affiliate niche blog. And I will cover that point too in here.

Ok now the point is about Adsense VS Affiliate. Well guys, You are doing Adsense, OK. But tell me honestly, do you even click in the ads that’s showing in other blogs? I really don’t think so. But yes, still now there are some cool niches in Adsense. I will share them on another day here.

Starting up a Niche Blog

Starting up a Niche Blog

This is actually the biggest question. How to Start something. And most of the guys will answer you: Do Google. But today here, I’m just going to share you the part. Step by step here. And just follow and copy this and start your niche blog.
  • Find a Niche to start
  • Do proper Keyword research and competition research
  • Make a proper plan with your keywords to write the contents
  • Choose a Domain name (EMD is really good for specific niche blog)
  • Buy the domain and Hosting (Go with Wordpress, Don’t go with Blogger when you are in Affiliate or thinking to do something big. And Hosting won’t cost a huge money. With coupon you can get a hosting for a year with  10$-15$. So, you can’t invest 10-15$ for your hosting then don’t start with this thing. Caz, Hey man, you are going to make Million $ and can’t invest 10-15$. Lol)
  • Get a good looking theme. (Free or Paid) {You can ask any themes here, Because a lot’s brothers already shared a lot’s of Paid themes}
  • After developing the blog, Start publishing the contents  that you planned when you did your keywords part
  • Continue publishing the contents. And make you all social profiles and start promoting the contents 
Where To Find The Niches?

I got few messages from a lot’s of brothers that they are not able to find the niches. And here today I’m going to share the coolest thing that I do to find out the niches  

First, I want to add few lines here: “You actually don’t need to be an Unqiue guy. Just copy the big guys, what they are doing, how they are doing. And try to find out the weak points of them. When find out the weak points of them, then just go for it. And add more value then them” 

So, here are the killer point to find out the niches: 
Just go to some big broker websites where people do buy and sell blogs. And then see the blogs (URL if there) and get the ideas and what they are promoting, how they are writing something like these. Generate the ideas and then just go for it.

And also, here is a point that big guys share. Go with the knowledge that you have. I agree with them somehow. But when it comes to do business then don’t follow this. Because, who are saying this they don’t follow it, I will share my own story about this on another day.

Live examples of niche blogs:

Yes Yes YES. People want to just get example, The real Live example. But who are in Niche blog business, they won’t never share their own blogs. But still now, people share their blogs but most of the guys don’t share. And today here, I’m going to share few blogs who are making huge amount of money. So, you can just see them as example and get the ideas of the niche blogs 
  3. (See from ) 
I think, these are enough to get ideas  Enjoy the live examples and get ideas and then just go for it. It’s the time to start your own Affiliate niche blog and make the real money passively !

Specific niche Blog business model

As well I have already shared the live example. So, I think you brothers get the ideas of the niche blog business model. But still now, I want to share something that I do. 

I will always try to go with the specific niche that can be done within only few contents. Example: Sports and Outdoors this is an Industry.  And there are a lots of niches. You can find out them easily from Amazon. {I’m mostly doing Amazon niche blog}
And  take an example: “Bike” When you click in the Bike category, you will also find out few niches. Like: Folding Bike, Road like something like these. So, now  be specific more. Go with the folding bikes. You can go with this or you can be more specific just like Road folding bikes, Electric folding bikes, Mountain Folding bikes.  But I would suggest to go with Folding Bike.

So, you can then cover the other kinds of bikes here. So, I hope, you brothers get the idea what I do. And about Niche blog design. I do something same for my each niche blogs. Sorry, I can’t share this now. When if you guys take action, I will share with them personally. At this time, you can get the ideas from the live examples I shared.

Physical Vs Digital Affiliate Niches.

Physical Products: When you are in Physical products, you will have huge and huge conversation. But the commision is less here
Digital Products: You won’t in huge conversation here, But you will have big commision here..

So, now the questions is: Should I go with Physical Products or Digital products.

I’m still now with Physical products. Caz, people need this, people are buying this. So, you won’t need to care about conversation. And you will have still now big amount of money from Physical products.

With Digital products, Yes,, you want to make Million, Billion, then you must have to go with them. Caz, the commission is really high here. And Believe me, you can’t convert a single sell if you are a big fish here. So, try to skip Digital products for now. Mostly the products are Scam. But still now people are doing with them. But personally, I don’t like.

So, It’s up to you!!

How to Make passive income with niche blog?

Well,  I already shared the point in the How to Start a niche blog that para. So, when you done your step points, now make the money.  This is something passive income. It’s not like an Event money. You earn 10000$ this month but next month you will have ZERO with that blog.

It’s not like that. It’s something like this

1st month: 10$ 
2nd month: 20$ 
3rd month: 40$ 
4th month: 60$
4th month: 100$ 
6th month: 500$ 
10th month: 1000$ 
Something like these. Every Time your income will be increased. So, this is how people are making passive income with Niche Blog. You can still do this with Adsense based blog.

Start your first specific niche blog and see the result. BOOM!

OWA. Already wrote 1616 words :D I shared the processes. Now, it’s your time to start. So, guys start from today. You have still 21 days for this year. So, take action within these days. And build a specific niche blog. I’m attaching a photo with the model How I do with small blog. Still now, you can make a specific niche blog with only 20 contents with that model. So, follow that..

Now, It’s time to share that site sold last night with 62K$ !!
Few information about that site:

Contents: 60-65
Monthly traffic: 35-40K page views
Monthly income: 2K$+ Passively
Backlinks: I’m adding this point. Caz, now-a-days people think that he/she can’t rank his/her blog without PBN. But that’s not true. Still now, you can rank the keywords with normal processes. Guest posting, Social shares, Social Bookmarking, Blog commenting, And oh yes my favourite one “Tier Link building” And about that guy, I asked him personally If he was using PBN. And He said “No.He didn’t” and He will not use this method in future too.” So brothers, don’t worry about these stuff. But yes, you know what “If you do proper research and plan then you are 70% done ”

Site Link:

Here are more then 800 guys. So, if at least 50 guys start their Affiliate niche blog, that will awesome, If you face any problem with any kind of stuff, just ask in this group. It’s a family man! You will have your question answer from your brothers.

Let’s rock together
Enjoy !

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