Another way to speed up your page is by putting your page to the CDN. What CDN does is similar to putting your site in a cloud. By doing this, you are distributing your site all over the world which means it can load faster.

making website faster
making website faster
Example: If you have your site hosted in the UK, and someone from Australia decides to visit your site, information has to travel all the way to Australia giving site more time to load.

This is where CDN steps in. Because it redistributes the website all over the world, the website loads faster anywhere. And when it comes to CDN, MaxCDN is one of the best on the market. We also used it on our test website. MaxCDN also offers free test trial which we used on our test site. It’s got some amazing features that can speed up your website and turn your score on the test skyhigh.

making use of cdn
making use of cdn
MaxCDN is used for increasing page speed
MaxCDN is used for increasing page speed.
MaxCDN offers:

• Instant Purge - Makes your new origin deployments seen immediately.
• Instant Provisioning - Provisions your changes automatically.
• Instant SSL - Enables your SSL and deploys it in real time.
• Instant SPDY - One click activation to improve performance.
• Real-Time Reporting
• Total Automation

• Move More to the Edge

Pricing can be seen on the image above, or you can visit their website.

Check Out the score after the MaxCDN test. And remember that we have used their trial version and our simple test page.

You can see that our page score went from 76 to a 94 out of 100, which is really good for our test page.

Another good solution is CloudFlare, which also has a free version and an SSL encryption. SSL encryption gives you a small boost on Google rankings. We would recommend to
use CloudFlare either way together with other CDN, because it offers nice security boost.

This was the first section dedicated to speeding up your WordPress website. As you can see, we have shown you some very effective methods and plugins to use. Now we will tackle more common mistakes and the top fixes for each of them.

KeyCDN is another great option to assist in making faster page loading.
Note: update, we actually are trying KeyCDN ourselves now, instead of MaxCDN. It's a newer service, but offers better pricing. Oh, and if you use our url, you'll get 10$ in
credit when you sign-up. They do have 30-day trial.


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