Not using Google Analytics is a huge mistake. Without it, you will be like driving blindfolded.

The WordPress dashboard has some insights on your website, but that is not enough.

Google Analytics is free with a wide range of useful tools that provides you with a detailed insight on your website. You can keep track of your visitors' behavior and know which keywords will be used and can generate more traffic. Google Analytics is an absolute must for a successful website.

Here is how to setup Google Analytics manually (Recommended):

First you go to their website, just click here. Sign in with your Google account and then you begin with your setup.

google analytics

Be sure to select Google Analytics not Google Analytics premium if you want the free version.

Then go to your right side of the screen and click sign up. You can see it below.

google analytics sign up

Next, select what you would like to track? We have selected website, since that is what we are talking about in this Article.

google analytics tracking

After that you give the information about your website as seen below.

google analytics setting up account

As you can see on the image below, leave all the recommended settings and click Get tracking ID.

google analytics tracking id
Read the Terms of Services and if you agree, click I Accept. After you accept the terms of use, you will get the insight to Google Analytics account.

google analytics tracking info

There is still one more thing to do - you have to include the Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

The image below shows what to do in your Dashboard.

Now find "header.php" and insert the code provided from your Google Analytics account. Below is the image where you will see how the code has to look like and then the header.php.

Copy this code in header.php right after the body tag. Here you can also see it, how we done it on our test page.

Of course there is an easy way of doing this through the WordPress plugin Insert Headers and Footers. There is also quite a few plugins that you can add Google Analytics, but it is recommended to do it manually.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing Google Analytics by yourself, the solution is a WordPress plugin.

There is a lot of them, but one of the best is Google Analytics Dashboard by Analytify. Just follow their instruction, and you will be up and tracking in no time.

As we read in the comments section, the support is awesome.



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