A lot of people repeat this small, but devastating mistake: they keep installing new plugins on their live website.. Well, there's really no problem about this, right? Of course, there isn't unless something unexpectedly breaks on the live website. This small mistake can cause devastating damage not only to your website but also to your business. Here are a few possible scenarios that can happen if your site goes down even just for few hours or a day:

Testing Changes and New Plugins on a Live Website
Testing Changes and New Plugins on a Live Website
● You lose income - if your site is down, nobody access your website.. Your website becomes inaccessible, no one can buy from you, and your business eventually closes down.

● You lose organic search traffic - if your site stays down for a much longer time, you'll lose the rankings you have worked on so hard.

If you mess up, you lose both money and traffic. The good news is - there is a solution! You try out new plugins and test changes by using an experimental copy of your website.

There are two ways to do this.

1. Does your host offers staging area?
2. Create an experimental website copy manually

The easiest way is if your hosting offers staging area. Staging area basically replicates your existing website. And if something breaks, you can instantly restore your most recent working backup.

How To Create Copy and Backup Site Yourself

Another option is to download the database to your computer and then make all the tests. However, this method is quite time-consuming (probably that's the reason why most people don't do it).

Aside from the first two options above, another solution is to create a subdomain, copy your live site there, and test it. It’s a rather long tutorial but in my opinion, it’s worth the extra effort so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Make sure you do this also when you are backing up your WordPress site.



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