Premium WordPress Theme
Premium WordPress Theme
It is essential to use the best possible theme, which is both well-designed and comes from a trusted source. The speed and simplicity of theme plays a major role in your SEO ranking. Therefore, choosing the right theme is crucial for your online success.

When choosing a WordPress theme, you should always pay attention to things, like ease of use, trusted resource, and loading speed.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the right theme. Your choice, however, depends whether you are using a free or premium theme.

Advantages of WordPress Premium Themes:
  • First, most Premium themes come with an A+ grade support. This is because the developers build premium themes as a means of livelihood and thus tend to provide excellent grade support.
  • Furthermore, premium themes are reliable. They are updated on a regular basis and often come with extended or lifetime support as well as extensive documentation.
  • Premium themes also have several unique features that are otherwise lacking in free themes. Plus, due to the stiff competition, theme providers are working hard to make their offerings the best of the lot making premium themes to be super-rich in features.
  • Premium themes generally pay great attention to details. In fact, they have better tweaks for settings, such as SEO than their free counterparts.
  • Along similar lines, premium themes come in several forms to suit your needs – there are special offerings depending on the genre of your website.
  • Unlike free themes, premium themes are not so common giving a unique appeal to your blog.
  • You can speed up your website development process about 10x when using recent premium WordPress tools.
WordPress Free Themes Disadvantages:
  • Free themes generally do not come with any warranty or assurance of working.
  • Unlike premium themes, you cannot expect top-notch personalized support with free themes.
  • The update frequency, though good, is not as great as that of premium themes.
  • Most free themes tend to be quite common and this can kill the ‘unique’ look of your blog.
  • Lastly, there are several free theme providers who offer themes with spam or phishing links. If you are downloading free themes, the ideal method is to do so from reputable providers, instead of simply searching for themes on Google.
Themeforest is one of the biggest and most reputable markets for premium WordPress themes. It offers more than 21,000 web templates and themes, with prices starting from $4.

If you are a more experienced WordPress user, you may be interested in WordPress frameworks, which can make your life even easier. True, they cost a little bit more than premium themes, but they are worth it.

Using frameworks can speed up your development time. This means that your customers will be happier, because they will see faster results.

Genesis Framework
Genesis Framework is a great premium WordPress theme with multiple child themes.



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