how to increase viewers on Reddit

Here is the reddit trick that I have been using from past few days and believe me it's working great. I get around 500-2000 views by even just submitting my link to a small subreddit.

Here is what you need:
  1. Chrome Browser
  2. Mozilla
  3. Tor Browser (Google for link)
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. IP Changer (optional but helps the most)

Before starting clear all your browsers cache
  1. Open up and get a temporary email id
  2. Now open in chrome browser and signup for a new reddit account. Use a western name and avoid using site names or keywords. In the email id field enter the email you got from the above site.
  3. Click Signup button and refresh , you will find a mail in the inbox, open that mail and open the confirmation email you got in it.
  4. One account is completely made.
  5. Now do the same with different browsers, if possible use ip changers.
  6. Use tor browser to make more ids.
  7. Just make a total of 10-15 accounts or even 5-8 would do. This making of accounts is a one time job and will take 20-35 minutes depending on your speed and the number of account you make.
Now let's say we have 8 accounts.

Select a post of your blog that you feel is good and is trendy and can attract audience following the post niche.

Once selected open up with any one of the id logged in and check for the best subreddit. To find that, just search for the category on reddit and you will find search results with some categories, open the categories and select a category that got the highest number of online members.

15000 active members is recommended if you want minimum 1000 views in 1 hour.

Once selected, just submit your post on reddit and make sure that in post title you add words like {*hot*}, {-Watch-}, {LIVE}, {90% off}, {*FREE*}. This will increase the ctr upto 40%.

Simply submit the post.

Now comes the part where you have to be fast. Run ip changer now and open up 2 browsers (may it be tor or mozilla ),


Log in ID number 2 on one browser and ID number 3 on other browser.

Search for the subreddit that you posted your article on and open it. Now just upvote the articles that comes on the post. Upvote top 3 articles.

After upvoting any 3 or top 3 articles that comes up in that subreddit link, click on sort. Sort it as NEW articles, you will find your article that you posted from ID number 1. Simply open the post link and then upvote it.

TO make things safe, do add a relevant comment.


Now just follow the {UPVOTE} part with 4th and 5th id. Make sure you do 5-6 upvotes in 10 minutes. That's it, you will start getting traffic. Do more upvotes after 20 minutes with the remaining ids if needed.

After 30 minutes of post submission, just upvote all the comments from first id, that you made on the post with other ids. This will improve karma.

This way it works. Just try once and let me know. and if you have problems comment below.

Some Tips:
  1. Post after 1 AM indian time. (VERY IMPORTANT PART)
  2. Do use special characters in titles
  3. Choose subreddits wisely
  4. Post only once with one id. The second post have to be made after 2 days.
  5. Apply the trick on alternative days
  6. Make sure the profile name does not contain keyword, sitename or any indian type name.
  7. Avoid posting too much.
PS: I didn't use any IP changer and it still worked. But I recommend you to use one. Go to and search "IP" and you will find various softwares, use any one of them.


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