We all do event blogging (Most of us :P ) but we still fail to capture everything from it. 

Here's something more that you can do and that can help you earn more.
events blogging
Have you ever tried Email list building with your event blogs ? Well this is what I am focusing here in this post.  Email lists are always a gem and when the lists are super targeted you can get really good benefits out of it.

So, how do I put up this post :P (confused :P )

Let me list some events, just for examples
  • Valentine's Day
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Sports
  • Shopping Sale events (flipkart sale, amazon sale, etc)
  • Results (Works like charm)
  • US Events

Do you sense something ??
Most of these events are having affiliate income potential rather than adsense.
What actually you have to do ??
I have not tried it yet (but kinda yes and my friend tried)

There are different types of event bloggers:
  1. Those who rank on the event day $$
  2. Those who rank just before the event day (though they themselves get some traffic before the event.
  3. Those who rank throughout.
Now we all know that the traffic for most of the events start flowing much before the event starts. That traffic mostly goes waste as we don't monetize it well.

What you can do is, setup some email collection forms (opt-ins). Make some really attractive optin forms and use it throughout the site as you do for your long term blogs.

Believe me you can easily make lists of up to 5000 emails from one single event.

Example 1:
If you are working on Valentine's day !! 
You can setup up an opt-ins like: 
  1. Get Unique gift Ideas for your Valentine ?
  2. Cutest gifts for your valentine ?
  3. Enter your name, her name and get the best gift that you can buy.

I am not listing many !! the more you get into it, the more you will get.

Valentines event gets traffic for 7 long days and if even from 50000 views, 5% people opt-in, you will be having a list of 2500 emails.

Example 2:

Result niche !!

People search for results like anything !! And if you put some optin forms like:
  1. Get your result on mail (take roll number, name and email from user)
  2. Best colleges you can go (take student's marks, name, email)
Etc etc. I guess I don't need to explain examples now.

This way you can set up such CTA (call to action) and people DO PUT THEIR EMAIL IDs. 

Psychology ! yeaah.. There are many events which are directly associated to individuals and have a great impact on them. Target such event and you can see the rates. 

TECH updates sites get less email opt-in rates as compared to LOVE Relationship sites.
Human mind is !!

Its all upto the type of events you select. I recommend you to try collecting mails in most of the events. 

Now you must be thinking !! NOW WHAT ?? if you have never tried email marketing then this question is pretty much obvious. 

Email works out to be best. These emails will be super targeted and you can try various campaigns. 

Like for valentines days list, you can send a well designed email with some of the best Amazon (or any other) valentine gift links. 

For results, you can send various offer links. Many CPA networks have signup offers where they pay you $ for per lead. You can even sell the leads locally (this is something hell big)

For blackfriday or such events. You can send various offers from time to time as the email list is of people who are most probably looking to buy. Its a BUYERS list. 

And the best of all, these lists have NO EXPIRY. BUILD more and more. Use them every year and try to generate more and more.

PS: I will put up a detailed guide on iftiSEO soon. Should I ?? 

btw I hope the concept is clear. :D 

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